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History of DNEPR motorcycle.

BMW R71At the end of 1941, in Irbit, on evacuated from Moscow motorcycle factory, was produced the first part of heavy motorcycles M-72. First of all the motorcycle was created for army needs. That time the most popular model of Hitler's Werhmacht was BMW R-71. 
Soviet engineers copied R-71 without any charts and documentation. They had to copy every detail, match the materials and production technologies. M72 was being produced up to 1960. It had,2-cylinder ,SV, 4-stroke engine, 22 h.p.4-speed tranny, rear drive type - shaft drive, telescopic front end, plunger type rear end. Retail purchasing started only in 1954. From 1952 , M-72 was produced at motorcycle factory in Kiev(Ukraine). M72 In 1959 on the same factory appeared K-750. It was modernized variant of M-72. It had SV, 26 h.p. engine, swing-arm rear end. In 1960, Irbit factory started to produce M-61. Engine had overhead valves(OHV),28 h.p. M-61 was intermediate model and in 1961 appeared Ural - M62. This model had new frame and suspensions. And in 1963 appeared Ural-2 M-63 with a new engine 32 h.p. At Kiev factory also was created OHV engine for motorcycle K-650. In 1971 Dnepr MT-9 changed this model. This motorcycle had gear - box with rear speed and half-automatic clutch. In 1974 Irbit factory started to produce M-67, and Kiev factory started Dnepr MT-10. Both bikes was equipped with 12V electrical equipment and engines - 36 h.p. Kiev factory at the same time produced motorcycles with 2-wheel drive called Dnepr 12 with K-750M engine, frame and suspensions - from MT-10. In 1983 In Kiev appeared Dnepr 11 with 32 h.p. engine, and Dnepr-16 with 2-wheel drive. Dnepr In 1991 Kiev factory started to produce "solo" Dnepr 8.157-01. Now, Kiev factory offers: Dnepr 11, Dnepr 16, Dnepr 8.157-01, Dnepr 300 (3-wheel heavy-duty variant). And in the years since Dnepr has proven to be a valuable asset in the military's arsenal - the unstoppable muscular breed of vehicle army had been looking for. More than 1,500,000 Dneprs have been produced for the armed forces.

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